Viewers young and old loved Elton John’s Cbeebies bedtime story

The singer said the story was "well worth dressing up for"

Programme Name: CBeebies Bedtime Stories - TX: n/a - Episode: Elton John (No. n/a) - Picture Shows:  Sir Elton John - (C) BBC  - Photographer: Pete Dadds


Elton John needs you – yes, YOU – to dress up right now. Why? Because that’s how he wants you to re-watch his CBeebies bedtime story, which aired last night (3 May).


In the latest BBC kid’s book reading, the Rocket Man singer revealed that he loves dressing up when he goes on stage and thinks the bedtime story is “well worth dressing up for”. We presume that was an invite to put on your pyjamas, but don’t be hard on yourself if you rocked up in flares and some novelty sunglasses.

Elton read The Dog Detectives: Lost In London by Fin and Zoa Gypsy, a tale following a pack of canine cops trying to track down the guardians of London: six black ravens. It’s a chase that – much to the delight of the book’s illustrator – takes them past all of London’s famous landmarks.

Elton wasn’t reading this story alone, though: he appeared alongside teddy bear Suzie, a reference to his song Crocodile Rock (“I remember when rock was young / Me and Suzie had so much fun”).

And Elton and Suzie both mesmerised kids (and many adults) across the country…


Don’t worry if you missed it: Elton John’s Bedtime Story is available to watch now on iPlayer.