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Too Hot To Handle’s Desiree Burch hints season two will happen as she says she’s “curious” to see “more people with different sexualities”

“I think there’s so many different ways to do this experiment”

Published: Monday, 20th April 2020 at 5:45 pm

Too Hot To Handle narrator Desiree Burch has said that she is “curious” to see whether a second series of the abstinent dating competition would include more people from different locations and different sexual preferences.


Speaking to, Burch said that she would return to narrate a second series “in a heartbeat”, having loved being part of the first series and the show’s “lovely twist”. 

“I would be curious to see how they augment a second series of it – do we go more multinational to different cultures and countries? Do we have more people with different sexualities involved in it, is there a combination of that that would make it work?” 

She added that the series could introduce contestants of different ages. “I think there are various different ways. Is there a version that’s just like old Bahama shirt guys and cougars – that’s got to be hilarious," she said. 

“I think there’s so many different ways to do this experiment because I think it just shows everybody who watches it a lot more about the humanity and emotionality and the vulnerability that comes into play when you’re talking about sex and connection,” she continues. 

“The act of sex is such a pie wedge percentage of what sexuality and connection actually entails and so I think we get to see more of that [in the series] as we watch them try not to perform the act.”

The Netflix dating competition, released last Friday, places 10 singles looking for love in a seaside villa together with a twist – no kissing or sexual activity can take place if the contestants want to win the $100,000 jackpot. 

The cast of Too Hot To Handle's first series

Netflix has not yet announced whether the second series of Too Hot To Handle will be commissioned. 

Out of 14 contestants on the show, only one – Haley Cureton – was openly bisexual. Trailers for the series teased a potential romance between Haley and Francesca Farago, however it transpired that the kiss was just an act of revenge – the pair wanted the group to lose money for ganging up against them.

Desiree also said that she was rooting for Rhonda and Sharron throughout the first series, but was hoping London-based Kel would find love on the show. “I really wanted to see something happen for Kel that was real - I wish people like him and Nicole for instance really found a connection because they were people who were just great to watch on screen.”


Too Hot To Handle’s first series is now available to watch on Netflix. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide.


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