Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch – who does the best Graham Norton impression?

They've both taken on the chat show host's Irish accent, but who has Graham down to a tee?

They’re both known for their stellar acting skills, making waves on the international stage, and doing superb impressions of Alan Rickman but we’ve discovered that Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch have one more thing in common: they can do a mean impression of Graham Norton.


Hiddleston was on the chat show host’s sofa with Robert De Niro, Anne Hathaway and Kenneth Branagh when the subject of his masterful mimicry came up. It didn’t take him long to do his best De Niro impression, much to the amusement of his new pal ‘Bob’.

But while everyone was fixated on his quite frankly fantastic rendition of Heat (which De Niro starred in with Al Pacino), Hiddleston’s stunning take on Graham Norton almost went unnoticed. It’s so similar, in fact, that we had to do a bit of a double take.

Of course, Hiddles isn’t the first to impersonate the chat show host on his own sofa. Benedict Cumberbatch sat in Graham’s very own chair to deliver his nicest Norton a few years ago. It kicks in at the 1.47 mark.

But who does a better Graham? That is the question.


Decide for yourself and cast your vote below.