Singer Tom Fletcher is set to make his debut on the 19th series of Strictly Come Dancing this September.

He'll follow behind his McFly bandmate Harry Judd - who is one of the Strictly Come Dancing winners, having won the series back in 2011.

So it makes sense that he'd be seeking advice from the drummer - right? Not quite.

Speaking in an interview with press, including, Tom revealed he doesn't quite "trust" Harry's guidance because "he's quite competitive."

"I haven't been able to stop him [Harry] talking about Strictly for 10 years," Tom explained. "But, I don't know whether I should trust his advice or if he is trying to secretly steer me in the wrong direction because he's quite competitive."

Nevertheless, the singer is feeling the pressure to meet up to his bandmate's standards.

He continued: "I've always felt like there'd be pressure if I ever did strictly. It's been a part of our history. It was an amazing time for our band when he [Harry] won, so it has been his thing for a while. I feel like there will be pressure for me to go far."

Harry Judd
Harry Judd Getty Images

Asked why he decided to do the show now, he added: "Personally, I wanted to do it before I get too old. I already can't touch my toes and when Harry did it - he's got 10 years on me and he was in much better shape. So, I wanted to do it when I'm still relatively youthful and able to jump around!"

Rather than focusing on winning the series, Tom plans to make it to Musical and Movie Week, which are both well known themes in the dance competition.

"I feel like after 10 years, I just want to have a fun experience. You only do Strictly once, and I don't want to have to worry about competing with Harry Judd!

"I'm hoping that I get to experience as many dances, but I don't in any way think I'm going to win. I would be gutted, like there's the landmark moment you want to get to, like Musicals Week and I'd love to get to Movies Week. I'd be gutted if I don't get to have those experiences because that's part of Strictly."

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So, what was Harry's reaction when Tom told him he'd signed up for the BBC one dance show?

"Harry was the first person I asked, because like I said, it was his thing so I wanted to make sure he was happy with it. And he was really supportive and said I should totally do it and would have the best time!" he gushed.

The same can't be said for Tom's sister and wife Giovanna Fletcher, who won the 20th series of I'm A Celebrity last year.

"I told my sister and she just burst out laughing in my face. Even now, I can't say the word Strictly or just talk about it without her laughing. My wife Giovanna, she was really supportive. She's really excited. I don't know if she thinks it's going to be really funny, because it's not really me. Even though I've wanted to do for a while is totally not like me, so my sister's reaction I think is actually probably quite an honest reaction."

Strictly Come Dancing starts on BBC One on Saturday 18th September. Want something else to watch? Check out our full TV Guide or visit our Entertainment hub for the latest news.