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When are the Knockouts on The Voice UK 2019?

The contestants, teams and guest mentors: everything you need to know about the contest's penultimate round

Published: Saturday, 6th April 2019 at 7:08 pm

Hopeful singers on The Voice UK may have made it through the blind auditions and battle rounds, but they’ve got to leap one final hurdle before making the live shows: the Knockouts.


How exactly does the format work? And when are they taking place? Here’s everything you need to know…

When will the Knockout round stage be on TV?

The second and final episode of the Knockouts will be on 8pm, Saturday 23rd March, ITV.

What is the Knockout round stage on The Voice UK?

It’s the penultimate round before the live shows, where the remaining acts perform a ‘killer song’. With the help of some special guest mentors, the coaches must decide which singers progress into the next round.

What is the lifeline?

There's been a big change to the Knockouts this year. All may not be lost for the singers who get sent home, as the viewers at home now have the power to save one of them with a Lifeline vote.

After the second Knockout show on Saturday 23rd March, voting will open and the viewers at home will have until 11:30pm to pick who they’d like to see in the semi-finals.

Viewers are invited to vote for free via the app, and have five votes to use – which they can use on just one contestant or they can spread across a series.

Who are the acts performing in the knockout stage?

You can see all acts left in the competition here, featuring all the members of Jennifer Hudson, Olly Murs, Sir Tom Jones and's teams.

Who are the special guest mentors on The Voice UK?

Nicole Scherzinger, James Arthur and Olly Alexander to will join the coaches along with Greatest Showman singer Anne-Marie. You can find out more about each mentor here.


The Voice UK continues Saturdays on ITV

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