Graham Norton's sofa is filled with some pretty swish talent tonight in the form of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, Bafta winners Olivia Colman and David Tennant and new Australian The Voice coach Jessie J as a musical guest.


They're all dropping by to talk about their most recent work, but based on sneak peek pictures we've imagined what might be going on; namely that David Tennant has decided tonight's the night to plaster on a dazzling grin...

"I've been doing The Escape Artist, Broadchurch, Gracepoint... this evening I am going to smile god dammit"

"Ask what you like Graham, I'm going to smile. See, look, this is my 'red carpet ready' pose."

"The socks help. They really make me smile."

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"Yes, Graham, it is slightly starting to hurt..."

"Yes, I am actually close to tears..."

"Phew, yes, put the camera on someone else... *breathes* *rubs cheeks*"

"Oh forget it. I can only manage about half a smile now"

"Why not just film something chirpier..?"


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