The Crystal Maze will be back for another series on Channel 4

And you could be one of the contestants!

TL, C4

Congratulations, team: you’ve achieved plenty of bonus time in The Dome. In fact, since Channel 4 have recently renewed The Crystal Maze for another 12 episodes, we’ve all been gifted about 4320 seconds more of the entertainingly testing gameshow.


And yes, Richard Ayoade will be returning to guide contestants as they collect crystals through the maze’s four zones.

But here’s the best bit: you could be a contestant on the show. Your team of five can apply from tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd January) to appear on an episode that will be filmed in spring this year at the 30,000 square feet set at Bristol’s Bottle Yard Studios. Check out here for all the details.

The 12-episode series will include six (!) celebrity specials, all in aid of Stand Up To Cancer.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait until all those episodes are filmed before the Crystal Maze returns. The show has already taped shows featuring teams including a posse of midwives, a group who met on jury service, a team who became friends at deaf school and an AC/DC tribute band from Newcastle.


C4 have said we’ll see them all in action “later this year”.