Channel 4 reality TV contest The Bridge premiered on Sunday night with £100,000 to the ultimate winner and a disparate group of 12 contestants who immediately began to form allegiances and petty animosities.


The challenge is to work together to build a 850-ft bridge from the mainland to an island, where the loot is waiting in a metal box.

Pointless co-presenter Richard Osman was an instant fan. He tweeted: "Really enjoying #TheBridge on Channel 4. A really neat idea, well cast and well made".

Some viewers weren't feeling this point of view or the approach of the group.

One critic was spectacularly harsh. "I'd build the bridge using bodies. They are all awful. #thebridgec4 #thebridge".

Sly the car fabricator was the first to get up the group's noses. At 60 he was the "token oldie" and seemed to separate himself from the group almost immediately, saying people always judged him before they know him.

Other viewers felt differently and thought he could have real value for the challenge.

One wrote: "#thebridge surprise surprise the intelligent man within the group is being made to feel worthless. Sly may say it the wrong way, but he means good."

"Zac the stripper" was chosen to lead the group in a democratic vote, which Sly immediately dismissed as a popularity contest rather than an election of the best person for the job.

A viewer wrote: "Ok @Channel4 we get it, Zac is a stripper. What about his other jobs to highlight? Steve the Estate Agent here wondering if that’s how we should forever introduce ourselves? Or could we just say our names?"

Billie the publicist was reasonably quick off the block to reveal to the group that she was the daughter of "Trisha off the telly". Viewers were suitably unimpressed.

Meanwhile, some viewers of The Bridge were at home watching with "our heads in our hands" in frustration at the group's initial strategy.

Two of the team, Luke and Maura, were despatched to the island to retrieve some tools. When they arrived at the kit they were faced with a challenge: they could take the gear back to the group or secretly pocket £5,000.

One viewer thought the decision was obvious: "Take the money, look at who you have in your team & then realise there is no way that bridge will get built in another 18 days. 5k or 0k".

The Bridge returns on Channel 4 on Sunday 18th October.


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