The best and worst animal acts on Britain’s Got Talent

Four-legged friends have been busy impressing the judges during this year's auditions, but it isn't always the case...

Word on the street is that animals are once again impressing the Britain’s Got Talent judges. With one dog already crowned champ – 2012’s dancing duo Ashleigh and her pup Pudsey – there’s a path already laid out for victors from the animal kingdom.


Among those grabbing the judges’ attention this year is a hypnotist dog, who managed to send Simon Cowell himself to sleep. Plus, contestant Imogen is said to be one to watch after her dog Millie showed off some fancy footwork, including riding a scooter. Britain’s Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern is even tipping her to be crowned this year’s winner: “If Millie was to go head-to-head with Pudsey, I think Pudsey would struggle.” 

But animal acts haven’t always been a success in front of the buzzers. From pooping donkeys to runaway cats, here’s our pick of the best and worst animal acts:

Ashleigh and Pudsey

From the minute Pudsey hopped around to the Flintstones’ soundtrack, Ashleigh and her four-legged friend seemed destined for the final. Cowell’s grin said it all. The duo has gone on to star in a movie and Pudsey featured in one of David Walliams’s TV shows. Here’s how it’s done people…

Donkey painting

Cowell wanted a mountain range from this painting donkey. Instead, he got a few splodges on the canvas – and Ant and Dec got a few different splodges by their feet…

Gin and Kate Nicholas

Back in 2008 it looked like a different dancing dog was headed for victory, when Gin showed off her moonwalking skills with owner Kate Nicholas. Honestly, I can barely get my dog to sit still…


A woman reading to her cats who evidently don’t want to be there just about sums up Catalyst. Fit for a Queen, this is not. Although watching Dec try and keep a cat still is more entertaining than many other acts…

Olivia and Lucy the snake

If you can tear your attention away from the fact that this 7-year-old girl has a snake wrapped around her neck, you might just find the poem she’s reciting really rather good. 

Pip and Puppy

Here’s a singing puppy to brighten up everyone’s day. Owner Pip can’t get him to sing along to just anything, mind. You can’t simply stick on Lady Gaga and hope he’ll play ball. “He’s quite fussy…” 

Rocky the Owl

When you have to scream “Are you coming?!” to an owl that’s supposed to be working his way around an obstacle course, it’s safe to say it’s gone very wrong.  


Britain’s Got Talent returns on Saturday at 8:00pm on ITV