1. Red Nose Day Actually


This was what everybody had been waiting for, and the sequel to the 2003 film had everyone in tears of laughter and sadness. We had Hugh Grant’s Prime Minister dancing to Drake, Andrew Lincoln’s Mark now married to Kate Moss and Rowan Atkinson back as jewellery salesman Rufus putting the final flourish to a £1 red nose in Sainsbury’s.


There was a real poignancy to the Prime Minister’s speech in which he said, amongst other things, “wherever you see tragedy you see bravery too. Wherever you see ordinary people in need you see extraordinary ordinary people come to their aid.

“It’s not just romantic love which is all around. Most people still, everyday, everywhere, have enough love in their heart to help human beings in trouble. Good’s going to win. I’m actually sure of it." No, you're crying...

2. Greg Davies snogged Ed Sheeran


Comic Relief sometimes lacks a bit of anarchy and unexpectedness. So we were pleasantly surprised when this happened! Miranda Hart announced that the musical act has to kiss, “with passion and meaning”, the tallest host of the night and just as she was leaning in, 6’ 6” presenter Greg Davies emerged.

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It was (probably) all rehearsed, but Ed still looked a little bit baffled. Especially when Greg didn’t just go for a snog, but gave the singer a full-on bum grope. It was literally the funniest thing co-host Rob Beckett had ever seen.

3. James Corden sang Never Forget with Take That

Seeing as Take That are one of the biggest bands in this country, it’s funny to think that in America literally no-one has a clue who they are. That didn’t stop Late Late Show host James Corden welcoming the three lads into his carpool car for this Comic Relief special.

As they belted out hits like Shine and Never Forget, Howard Donald looked like he in particular was having THE best time. He also said that he reckoned if he now quit the band now Gary Barlow and Mark Owen would “be alright”, and also revealed the real reason why they’ve never made it in the US.

Gary explained that some music executives from New York came over to the UK to meet the band and told them about all of the promotion they would have to do. Howard’s response? “Can’t be arsed”. Never change, Howard.

4. Another Red Nose Day of fun

La La Land has been parodied half to death, but Comic Relief’s Ha Ha Land was actually very funny. Shot in dreary Greenwich and featuring lines about comics who had “sod all else to do” and asking viewers not to be selfish gits, it hit just the right tone of the evening.

And who can say no to Ed Balls whipping out his Gangnam Style? That’s not a euphemism, by the way.

5. Jeremy Kyle got a taste of his own medicine


The list of people who would want to shout in Jeremy Kyle’s face is a long one. David Walliams got the honour for Comic Relief as he brought out his Middle Class Jeremy Kyle sketch, featuring none other than the man himself.


For diehard JK fans, it was spot on. Jeremy stormed off backstage to dab his eyes with tissues as he cried about being shouted at. We’re not really sure why Dom Littlewood was there or what he added to the whole thing, but we’ll let that pass in the name of charity.