Guten Morgen to Piers Morgan.

The journalist and broadcaster is taking a seat next to Susanna Reid all this week while regular Good Morning Britain presenter Ben Shepherd is away.

Morgan's debut was always going to cause a stir, especially in that cranky post-shower-pre-breakfast period, but surprisingly our timelines this morning weren't just full of the usual Twi-vitriol.

Here is just a bowlful of the reactions to Piers Morgan's first GMB appearance.

1. The first, unpleasant shock at seeing Piers so early in the morning.

Great. Piers Morgan on #GMB ? my Monday is ruined.

— growingpains (@Jodieonetwo) April 13, 2015

2) The acceptance that this man is filling a function in your life.

4) The joy that, for once, people aren't talking about what Susanna Reid is wearing.

5) The inner turmoil when you realise that Piers might actually be good at his job.

6) Coupled with the knowledge that, at any moment, you could do something you regret.

7) The confusion of trying to critically assess a television personality while eating cereal.

@susannareid100 piers Morgan thinks your flirting! I don't think he knows much about when a woman is uninterested! Truly a giggle today!

— Vin (@VinnieMua) April 13, 2015

Free Speech, Rick?

10) The relief when it's all over.

Soon Susanna. Soon.