X Factor’s Rak-Su added the words “Netflix and Chill” to George Michael’s Faith and fans are furious

The band wrote their own rap lyrics for George Michael week and Twitter's not very happy about it

The X Factor group Rak-Su

Is it a crime to slip the phrase Netflix and Chill into a rewrite of George Michael’s Faith?


That’s the question dividing X Factor viewers on Twitter after Simon Cowell’s group Rak-su opted to write their own lyrics for their take on the singer’s classic.

“Girl you’re my idol, let’s Netflix and Chill”, they sang, sampling the 1987 smash hit and putting their own twist on it.

The judges loved the performance with mentor Simon Cowell arguing that Rak-su’s version of the song was probably what it would have sounded like had Michael released it in 2017.

But on Twitter the response wasn’t quite as universally positive.

Some fans were outraged that the band had messed about with the lyrics of the title track from Michael’s Ivor Novello-winning debut solo album.

Rak-su weren’t the only acts who came under fire, though. Irish brothers Sean and Conor Price were also criticised for adding a rap to their take on Freedom.

However, some fans thought there was absolutely no harm done and praised the groups for their choices.


Did you think it was a crime to mess with Faith?