Week 1

Danny Tetley

First audition song: And I’m Telling You (Jennifer Hudson)


Seventeen years after he first faced Simon Cowell on Pop Idol, bar singer Danny, who is from Bradford but lives in Benidorm, stunned the judges with his emotional version of And I’m Telling You by Jennifer Hudson. He got four yesses.


First audition song: Juicy Fruit (Original song)

Jeff and Stefan, from London, got four yeses for their original song Juicy Fruit, which was accompanied with an impressive dance number.

Kezia Povey

First audition song: You Are The Reason (Callum Scott)

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Fifteen-year-old Kezia Povey gave the judges a reason to put her through, but only as part of a yet-to-be-created girl band.

Charlotte Lee

First audition song: What About Us (P!nk)

Like Kezia Povey, 17-year-old Charlotte Lee was put through as part of a yet-to-be-created girl band.

Molly Scott

First audition song: Man’s World (James Brown)

Sixteen-year-old Molly Scott showed whose world it really is with this rousing take on a James Brown classic. Four yeses very much deserved.

Janice Robinson

First audition song: Dreamer (Livin’ Joy)

Former Livin' Joy vocalist Janice Robinson, 50, from America, blew the judges away (especially a tearful Robbie Williams) with her performance of their 90s club classic Dreamer. She got four yeses.

Andy Hofton

First audition song: Angels (Robbie Williams)

Andy Hofton, a Customer Service Advisor from Macclesfield, first performed an original song called Castle of Love, but soon found himself singing Angels on stage with his idol Robbie Williams. He got four yeses.

Olatunji Yearwood

First audition song: Bodyline (Original song)

Olatunji Yearwood flew all the way from Trinidad and Tobago for his 'World Cup Final' audition. He performed an original song called Bodyline that got all four yeses from the judges.

Brendan Murray

First audition song: Woman’s Work (Kate Bush)

Brendan Murray, from Galway, Ireland, originally auditioned with Ella Eyre's We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off, but was asked by Simon Cowell to return to the stage with Woman's Work by Kate Bush. Murray, not knowing the song, struggled with the lyrics, but eventually showed why he deserved his four yeses.

Jacqueline Faye

First audition song: You're My World (Cilla Black)

Fifty-three-year-old Jacqueline Faye, who is from Wales but now lives on a farm in Oxfordshire, earned four easy yeses with her epic cover of Cilla Black classic You're My World.

Anthony Russell

First audition song: Wake Me Up (Avvici)

This audition carried the weight of a controversial backstory: having auditioned last year, Anthony Russell originally got through to boot camp, but quit half-way through the show due to ‘personal issues’.

His return was an emotional one, with Anthony revealing that judge Louis Tomlinson had reached out to him in his time of need, and helped the singer on the road to recovery. But of course, none of this would mean anything if Anthony didn’t then earn four easy yeses – which he did.


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