X Factor 2016 Bootcamp guide: from dance tests to the new ‘Wall of Songs’ challenge

This year's Bootcamp is bringing back the choreography training while slinging in a brand spanking new race, which sees singers literally battle for a song choice...


The X Factor Bootcamp is back. Cue excited arrival shot…


Here’s everything you need to know ahead of Bootcamp 2016.

When does X Factor 2016 Bootcamp start?

After the final room auditions, Bootcamp footage will begin towards the end of Saturday night’s show, and will round out on Sunday evening’s episode.

What’s going to happen?

The judges kick off with a launch party, hosted at Alexandra Palace.


Louis, who appears to have fallen asleep standing up, was no doubt the life and soul. Probably did his own rendition of Friday Night.

Or fell asleep in the corner.

Of course, it’s Bradley and Ottavio (with fellow contestant Carly) that are actually leading when it comes to ‘Having Too Much Fun In Front Of The Cameras And Probably Ruining All Chances of Stardom’.

Insiders tell us that as well as being first in the hot tub, they were at the bar more than a few times. But they weren’t throwing any televisions out of any windows, so probably haven’t quite scuppered their chances of appearing in panto come Christmas 2018.


Although this looks like they might have had a ticking off.


What’s new for X Factor Bootcamp?

But it’s not all partying of course. There are auditions to be done. Except this year there’s a change. Or rather, a reprisal (it’s all about the comebacks this series) as the dance test is back.


We’re told host Dermot O’Leary joins in (of course he does) with choreographer Jerry Reeve leading things.

Essentially they learn a routine and the judges pop in to see who can move and who should be given slow-tempo numbers so that they can cling to a microphone stand at all opportunities.

With this sneak peek at Honey G front and centre we enquired as to whether she was a standout of this section. Suffice to say we got a response that suggested it was a silly question to ask. So we’ll be keeping an eye on her.


What else is new?

Then, in a new twist, comes (DUM, DUM, DUM) the Wall of Songs.

In what sounds like a hilarious X Factor meets Total Wipeout mash-up, contestants have to literally race to the wall to try and grab the song they wish to sing.


We’re told there’s fighting, shoving and views from behind the wall which, particularly if in slow-mo (which you just know they’re going to do) are going to be quite excellent to watch.

Once everyone’s stopped ripping songs out of each other’s hands they’ll team up with those who picked the same song to do the group challenge. This is where they each sing a line/row all night about how they’re going to sing each line from the song.

The inside scoop is that some singers are told on the spot that they’re not good enough and sent packing. Others have to wait until the judges have deliberated to find out if they’re through or not.

Why are there no solo performances?

Another gear shift here is that there’s no individual performance. Insiders say there’s simply not enough time and that, taking on feedback from last year, they feel that it’s a stage that can be skipped. It means the next time the contestants will perform is at Six Chair Challenge. Due to the earlier format change in the dropping of arena auditions, it means this will be the first time they’ve performed for a crowd on the show.

You know, because Six Chairs wasn’t hard enough already.


See X Factor Saturday at 8:00pm and Sunday at 7:30pm on ITV