Who’s performing in Britain’s Got Talent semi-final 4 on Thursday?

Here's who'll be vying for a place in the final in round four of the semi-finals...


The line-up for Britain’s Got Talent‘s fourth live semi-final have been confirmed.


The eight acts performing on Thursday’s live BGT include dance group DVJ (Diversity Junior), comedian Noel James and whatever on Earth Baba Yega are.

Sascha Williams

Sascha Williams was branded “mad” by Ant McPartlin after his death-defying BGT audition.

Amy Marie Borg

Amy Marie Borg on Britain's Got Talent
Amy Marie Borg on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

The 16-year-old student from Malta sung classical piece Nella Fantasia in her first audition. She marks herself as nine on a scale of one to 10 of nerves, but will her performance be confident?

Noel James

Britain's Got Talent Noel James
Britain’s Got Talent Noel James (ITV/Syco/Thames)

In his first audition, Noel, a 52-year-old exam invigilator and comedian from Wales, brought a guitar on stage – before promptly putting it down and performing without it.

Baba Yega

Baba Yega on Britain's Got Talent
Baba Yega on Britain’s Got Talent (Syco/Thames/ITV)

What are Baba Yega? Even after watching their performance we’re still not sure. They’re Belgian dance/performance artists who are mildly terrifying to say the least…

Tim and Jack Goodacre – Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer

Tim and Jack Goodacre on Britain's Got Talent
Tim and Jack Goodacre on Britain’s Got Talent (ITV)

Olena Uutai

Britain's Got Talent Olena Uutai
Britain’s Got Talent Olena Uutai (ITV/Syco/Thames)

All we’ll say about Olena’s act is that she makes a lot of horse noises. You have been warned.

Marty Putz


In his first audition, inventor and comedian Marty covered Simon in toilet roll. What else is there to know?

DVJ (Diversity Junior)


A dance group guided by Diversity’s Ashley Banjo – who won the competition back in 2009.

The Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals are Monday to Friday at 7:30pm on ITV