Who is Jeanette Akua?

Jeanette is a 24-year-old student from South London, who appears in this week’s Britain’s Got Talent with her girl group The Miss Treats.

Where have I seen her before?

As Simon Cowell recalls in this week’s episode, Jeanette has previous with his entertainment TV shows, having auditioned for the X Factor in 2013. At the time she entered as a soloist before being put into a group called Miss Dynamix.

They were mentored by Gary Barlow and were the third act to be eliminated from the show. In January 2014 they announced they had disbanded.

Despite Simon saying he remembers Jeanette, however, at the time of her audition he wasn’t on the X Factor judging panel, with Gary Barlow taking his place. Presumably Gary got him up to speed later on.

Who are The Miss Treats?


A girl group comprised of Jeanette, Lavelle from Sheffield, Moesha from Swindon and Bambi from Birmingham. The group live together in London and all work different jobs, and have been a band for about a year.

And considering Simon says that they’re one of the best bands to ever audition for Britain’s Got Talent, we’d say they have plenty of future as well.

Britain's Got Talent airs at 8.00pm on Saturdays on ITV