The Masked Singer’s Duck aka Skin on the five remaining contestants – “I know who they are!”

Has the former contestant cracked the case?

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The Masked Singer has got us all racking our brains over who the five remaining contestants are, with Octopus, Hedgehog, Fox, Monster and Queen Bee yet to be discovered.


However, Skin – who was recently unveiled to be the show’s Duck – believes she may have already sussed out their true identities.

Speaking exclusively to, the 52-year-old singer hinted that she knows who the last standing contestants are, saying: “I have my suspicions.”

And it seems Skin might have what it takes when it comes to cracking the case, as she revealed she realised Daisy was Milkshake singer Kelis and Jake Shears was Unicorn way before both their covers were blown on the ITV series.

She said: “I recognised Daisy’s voice and I think that’s why they don’t have us hanging out with each other, because I know Kelis and I know Unicorn, Jake Shears.”

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However, this wasn’t exactly the case with the show’s Chameleon, who she got “so wrong”.

She continued: “The first time I met Chameleon he was standing there and I was like, ‘Oh he looks a bit fit’, and he turned to me and he gave me a fist pump. Later on when I was in my dressing room, I was like, ‘He’s a black man.’ He’s got the arms, the size – he’s a black man. I was so wrong!” she explained.

Of course, Chameleon turned out to be musician Justin Hawkins, but despite the minor slip up, Skin is certain on the remaining contestants, saying: “I think if there’s people that recognise people backstage it’s harder to keep it secret.”

Nevertheless, she won’t be giving away any clues, as she added: “Everyone is Googling and comparing all this stuff on YouTube. I’m not helping one bit because when we did it, we didn’t have Google. So that’s all they’re going to get.”


The Masked Singer airs Saturday nights on ITV