Strictly Come Dancing 2020 contestant Jamie Laing says he's been warned by previous contestants what to expect when it kicks off on 24th October – "if you think it's hard, trust me, you have no idea how hard!"


Jamie, 31, was meant to take part in Strictly Come Dancing 2019, but a foot injury prevented him appearing.

The former Made in Chelsea star has sought guidance from some of his celebrity friends.

"A friend of mine Pixie (Lott) gave me some advice," he said. "All the guys from last year too. Chris Ramsey said, 'Jamie if you think it's hard, trust me. You have no idea how hard it’s going to be.' Everyone loved it, they said to have the best time and just really go for it."

"Really going for it" might be problematic for Jamie if his foot gives way again.

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"If I get injured again it would look like I bottled it!" he said. "So I really have to be careful. I'm not worried, I feel like I'm pretty fit and healthy. If something happens then the Strictly curse isn't about me sleeping with someone else, it’s definitely about my foot!"

Jamie added: "I came out of it last year and obviously like most people I hate failing at stuff and it definitely felt like I failed last year, so this is the time to really go for it."

He reveals he's a volatile mix of being "terrible" at dancing but also super competitive. He's in it to win it!

"My mum would say 'You’re awful!'," he laughs. "She tells me straight out, 'You’re not going to win it, there’s no way.' She says I’ll be out about week three and I’m like, 'What are you talking about?'"

He continued: "I’m pretty damn competitive, I don’t like losing at anything, and especially something I fell out of last year. I’m going for the win – that’s what I’m going for!"

Jamie has cast his eye over his Strictly Come Dancing rivals and is "freaking out about a few people".

"I mean Maisie [Smith], she looks pretty hot on the dancing and you know what Bill Bailey… you never know! I think everyone’s looking pretty good, it’s going to be a great year."

One think in particular he's looking forward to – getting into the costumes!

"Dress me up as a glitterball and give me so much fake tan, I can’t wait. I want everything; it’s going to be unbelievable!"

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 premieres with the launch show on Saturday 17th October. The live shows commence the following Saturday.


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