Strictly Come Dancing blooper has viewers in stitches

Tess Daly is a pretty quick mover – but what was going on with those technical difficulties?

Strictly Come Dancing 2019 - TX2 LIVE SHOW

Strictly Come Dancing continued its glitzy live shows last night (28 September), and as ever it was a slick and impressive masterclass in live TV production – well, almost.


You see, unusually this week there was a slight slip-up following the performance of comedian Chris Ramsay and his partner Karen Hauer. After receiving the judges’ comments alongside host Tess Daly, the camera panned out to follow them up the stairs – and a few eagle-eyed viewers noticed Daly dashing off too in a bit of a hurry.

So why was she in such a hurry? Well, she probably had to get around the other side of the studio to film another link – but viewers had their own theories…

And once you’ve seen it, you may start noticing Tess doing her marathon training throughout the live show…

It was a particularly busy night for Daly, with the host also forced to apologise on air when technical difficulties at the start of the show saw the live feed repeatedly cut out for viewers at home and lose sound.

“We do apologise to any viewers who may have experienced any transmission problems,” she said, adding “We are very sorry, but we are a live show.”

Happily, all the technical issues were resolved before the first couple (Saffron Barker and AJ Pritchard) took to the stage for their Cha Cha Cha. And given what a slick production Strictly is 99% of the time, we think we can give them this one…


Strictly Come Dancing continues on Saturdays and Sunday nights