Simon Cowell turns X Factor into The Voice

The boss was forced to face away from the audition room after he couldn't stop laughing


Simon Cowell has always been vocal in his dislike of rival song contest The Voice, but tonight he takes a leaf out of the show’s book and sits with his back to a contestant.


It’s all because he gets the giggles and keeps interrupting Faye Horne’s flow, not helped by the fact that he thinks she pronounces her name ‘horny’ rather than ‘horn’.

Nobody’s ever said this show is trying to be highbrow, have they?

“Pretend you’re on another talent show,” Sharon Osbourne teases as Cowell is forced to spin his chair around to give the contestant enough time to belt out Sam Smith’s Bond theme Writing’s On The Wall.

He’s got no big red button to push, so we’ll have to wait and see if he’s got nice things to say when she’s finished singing.

But hey, with only confirmed as a coach for next year’s debut series of The Voice on ITV, perhaps they might want to think about tempting Cowell over…


The X Factor continues tonight at 8:00pm on ITV