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Simon Cowell: ‘If ITV don’t want Britain's Got Talent there are plenty of people who do’

But Cowell is "very happy" with ITV and confident the talent show has a future on the channel, even with the imminent arrival of The Voice

Published: Friday, 22nd January 2016 at 4:29 pm

Britain’s Got Talent’s current contract with ITV comes to an end this year, but Simon Cowell is certainly confident in the future of the show.


“The show gets ten million people, if [ITV] don’t want it, there’s a lot of people who do,” he told at today’s London auditions.

Insiders told us last year that Sky is among the other broadcasters who’ve shown an interest in the brand, but Cowell said he's personally not talking to other channels.

“I’m not talking to other broadcasters, no. We’re very happy with ITV. But to answer your question, it would be absurd to think they’re [ITV] not going to want a show that’s done these numbers over ten years.”

If BGT and Cowell’s other juggernaut X Factor were to stick with ITV, things could get crowded with The Voice moving over from the BBC in 2017. But Cowell remains steadfast in his trust in his own formats.

“That’s not going to be a problem, trust me. I couldn’t actually give a toss. Honestly, I don’t like that show, it’s not doing well, they can put it wherever they want [in the schedule]," he added with that teasing smile.

“Everyone has different opinions, some people like that thing, some people like our shows,” he added, clearly on very good form ahead of the first auditions in the capital. “We just carry on making the shows the best we can.”

BGT certainly seems to be doing no wrong, back this year for its tenth series with hoards of dedicated fans. “It’s fantastic,” Cowell said. “We’re going to celebrate that this year.”


Britain's Got Talent returns later this year


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