Ricky Wilson and will.i.am have spat on The Voice

The talent show coaches clash after will.i.am suggests Wilson should have turned for an act


Ricky Wilson and will.i.am spin off into a row during tonight’s The Voice.


Ricky is unimpressed when will.i.am suggests he should have turned for an act, complaining to the crowd that he “always does that”.

“I never go down the line when it’s someone I think you should have turned for, I never say you should have turned for it […] it really annoys me,” Ricky tells fellow coach will.i.am.

As will.i.am defends his opinion – “you can’t let that ruffle your feathers” – it falls to Boy George to step in and lighten up the situation.


See the action unfold – and decide for yourself whether Ricky should have turned – tonight from 7:45pm on BBC1.