The Britain’s Got Talent final tonight is going to be really exciting - it's such a strong line-up of finalists and I’m on my way there right now to go and watch live in the audience!


It's so hard to choose who will win, but I think it will be either comedian Daliso Chaponda or pianist Tokio Myers.

Tokio is my favourite and I'd really like him to win, but I absolutely love Daliso too. I think he’s absolutely hilarious and such a lovely guy. I can’t imagine anyone not liking him!

Both Daliso and Tokio are both so different from anything else in this series and so different from anything we’ve ever seen on the show before so I'd like to see one of them win so it's something brand new for BGT.

I’ve also got a very strong feeling that Sarah Ikumu will be the Wildcard. I'm expecting her to go through, especially after being the only Golden Buzzer act to miss out on a place in the final this year. I’d be surprised if she wasn’t picked! But if she isn’t I’d quite like to see Josephine Lee make it through.

She's obviously amazing at what she does and she’s very different from the other magic acts, so I think it would have made a really great final to have all the different versions of magic all on one night for the final.

I'm expecting the Missing People Choir to do very very well. It's so emotional and what they’re doing isn’t for them, it’s for a big cause and it has such meaning behind it. It just connects really well with people and that means a lot while I also think MerseyGirls will do very well – they were great.

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What everyone loves about The Personalities is they’re not too serious about it all. They’re just doing the show because they love it and they’re not fussed about going on from Britain’s Got Talent to have a mega singing career. Nothing’s forced and they’re just naturally there to enjoy themselves. I don’t think they’re that bothered about winning, and actually there’s something in that which really resonates with people.

Matt Edwards is very good – he’s got lots of exciting things that I’m sure he’s lined up tonight and he’s one of my favourites. DNA are also brilliant and I think Issy Simpson has got a good chance tonight, plus Ned Woodman’s gag about the camouflage t-shirt in a nod to DNA in his semi-final performance was hilarious.

I don’t think Kyle Tomlinson is a favourite to win over some of the other acts, but I think it's great what he's already done in the competition and no doubt he's inspired a lot of people. That message that he sent out about not giving up no matter what anyone says is an amazing moment for TV.

For me, it was really exciting going back to perform on the live semi-final this week. It felt very strange – and it’s a different TV studio so it feels very different because of that. But also obviously I wasn’t competing it felt so much more relaxed going back and Simon said he was really impressed which is always nice to hear!

Right now I know how the finalists will be feeling. There's not long to go before the final tonight and there's a lot of pressure which builds when you’re sat around waiting for things.

I remember trying to keep myself busy with setting stuff up, walking around, being prepped and wandering around doing things. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t sat around for too long thinking about it because that’s when it becomes a big thing in your mind and when potentially you start to worry.

Also what people who are watching at home might not realise is that as soon as your first audition airs, if you get through to the semi-finals it’s 24/7.

Although we only see a five minute performance for the semi-finals on TV, actually in reality they’re not only rehearsing all day every day but they’re doing interviews – probably 20 every day – and it can be quite a pressurised thing. But they’ve just got to not worry about too much and keep focussed. That’s the main thing.

So my advice for whoever wins tomorrow is to take as many opportunities as you can, because whoever it is will be very lucky to be in that position. Once they win they’ll be bombarded over the next few weeks with people wanting interviews and they’ll be very very busy. So don't get stressed and try to enjoy every moment!


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