Richard Jones reminded everyone why he won Britain’s Got Talent with a magical guest appearance

Can any of the magicians still in the running top that?


There have been a lot of magicians on Britain’s Got Talent this year – from Issy Simpson to Josephine Lee to Matt Edwards.


Perhaps that’s why Lance Corporal Richard Jones decided to return to BGT for Thursday’s semi-final to show them how it’s done.

As last year’s winner, Richard was invited back to perform and he turned up in style with his whole army band.

The performer made the judges’ jaw drop with a brand-new, very inventive act. To recap: he got Alesha Dixon to pick a number (333), then asked David Walliams to throw a brick into the audience (don’t worry, it was only made of sponge).

The sponge brick hit Marion from Bracknell, who- of course – was 333rd into the room. But that’s not all! In super-dramatic fashion, Richard then managed to impale Marion’s card with his Household Cavalry sword as it fell from a box.

Can anyone work out the secret behind this trick? Answers on a postcard (suspended from the ceiling, of course).


Britain’s Got Talent continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV