People thought Change Your Tune was an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke

The talent show for bad singers had viewers scratching their heads

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Change Your Tune: Ep1 on ITV

Pictured: George Wheeler performs after his vocal coaching.

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ITV’s new series Change Your Tune, a talent show for bad singers, debuted on Easter Sunday (1st April), and a lot of people thought it was an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank.


The reality show sees a group of people who can’t sing undergo training from top vocal coaches to see if they can improve and be in with a chance of winning the £10,000 cash prize. Sunday night’s episode saw them take on live performances ahead of their lessons, and the results were, as you would expect, quite grating on the ears.

Many viewers questioned the legitimacy of the series, which rather conspicuously kicked off on April Fool’s Day. Others were simply unimpressed by yet another misfiring ITV talent show.

However, they were sadly mistaken – the series will indeed continue to run to its natural conclusion, despite receiving a slew of negative reviews from the public on launch night.


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