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Meet the acts auditioning in episode one of Britain's Got Talent

From a circus performer to a mind-reading magician, here are all the acts to expect in the 2018 opener

Published: Saturday, 14th April 2018 at 1:47 pm

It's finally here: Britain's Got Talent 2018. And the 14th series of the entertainment extravaganza promises the best and most bizarre acts we've seen on TV. From the weird to the wonderful to whatever on earth Mr Uekusa does on stage (see below), here are the performers you can expect in episode one...


Sascha Williams

Age: 29

From: Australia

Talent: Circus performer Sasha performs his Rola Bola acrobatic act, assisted by his fiancée Stephanie Nock.

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DMU Gospel Choir

From: Leicester

Talent: The choir sings a medley of “I Will Follow Him/ Oh Happy Day”.

Robert White

Age: 41

From: West Sussex.

Talent: The music teacher performs musical comedy, singing a song about the judges.

Calum Courtney

Calum Courtney on Britain's Got Talent

Age: 10

From: Essex

Talent: Callum sings Michael Jackson’s “Who’s Lovin’ You”.

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Mr Uekusa

Age: 30

From: Japan

Talent: Uekusa performs table cloth tricks whilst naked.

Laura and Rich

Age: Laura is 37, while Rich is 31

From: South Devon

Talent: The pair perform a sword dancing routine.

Julian Ellis

Age: 40

From: St Buryan

Talent: David joins Julian on stage, whilst Julian recites a poem about the life of a dairy cow.

Marc Spelmann

Age: 46

From: London

Talent: The magician performs a mind-reading routine involving the judges and his daughter.

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DVJ (Diversity Junior)

Age: the 10 school children are aged 10-18 years old

Talent: the dance group have been guided by Diversity’s Ashley Banjo

B-Positive Choir

The official choir of the NHS Blood and Transplant set up to encourage people to donate blood.

From: The 48 members are from all over the UK

Talent: The choir will sing Andra Day - Rise Up.

Marty Putz

Age: 55

From: Canada, lives in Los Angeles

Talent: The inventor and comedian displays his inventions on stage and covers Simon in toilet roll.

Matt Johnson

Age: 43

From: Rotherham, lives in Canada

Talent: Matt performs an escapology trick, whilst locked and chained inside a tank filled with water.

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Britain’s Got Talent returns Saturday 14th April at 8pm on ITV


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