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Who is Britain’s Got Talent's daring escape artist Matt Johnson?

We give you the lowdown on the hair-raising escapologist whose audition is guaranteed to take your breath away

Published: Monday, 28th May 2018 at 8:30 pm

Britain's Got Talent escape artist Matt Johnson is one of the show's most breathtaking acts. Literally.


The bearded daredevil escapologist leaves viewers on the edge of their seats when he entirely submerges himself in a locked tank barely big enough to fit in. He explains how he will be padlocked inside, while his hands are handcuffed outside of the box. His aim? To escape in less than a minute and a half.

Matt will then attempt to pick the lock in order to escape. What follows promises to be one of the most tense and shocking auditions of the night.

ITV revealed a clip of his audition on Twitter leaving the outcome a secret until Saturday night's show. Before we find out whether he manages to make his daring escape, here's everything you need to know about the daredevil.

Who is Matt Johnson?

Matt’s career began in his hometown of Sheffield, where he cut his teeth as a street magician and illusionist.

In his 20-year-long career leading to the Britain’s Got Talent stage, he traversed the globe performing his unique style of illusion and his daring escapes to audiences around the world.

Matt auditioned with the same audacious trick for BGT in 2017. Unfortunately, the tank he was using broke leaving the stage flooded.

What are some of his other tricks?

During his career Matt has performed tricks all over the world for a variety of audiences. Dubbing his magic style ‘urban deception’ he has built a stage persona he hopes will win over the BGT judges.

See the trailer for his stage show Nothing Up My Sleeves and look out for a mind-blowing trick with a piece of rope and this one, entitled simply Levitation.

Performed using only a table, an audience volunteer and a blue sheet, this looks absolutely impossible. If Matt brings even half of the magic on show here to the BGT stage, he'll blow us away.


Follow Matt on Twitter @likemattjohnson and check out his website for more of his incredible tricks.

Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturdays on ITV

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