Is this the most dramatic exit in X Factor history?

The Clique were kicked out of Bootcamp - but they weren't leaving quietly...

The Clique on The X Factor 2017

There have been many crazy stage exits on The X Factor over the years. Who can forget Pink impersonator Zoe Alexander’s microphone-throwing from 2012 or Ablisa’s infamous bust-up?


In this Saturday night’s X Factor though, The Clique made an incredibly dramatic exit from the stage. After being told by the judges that their performance wasn’t good enough – Simon Cowell even branded it “the worst we’ve heard” – Corey, Jason and Rowland were told they were going home.

The Clique on The X Factor 2017

As they began to leave the stage, there was one more treat left in store for the judges – the most crazy Death Drop we’ve ever seen.

What is the Death Drop?

A dance move that’s been made famous by RuPaul’s Drag Race, the stunt involves bending one leg and deliberately falling backwards with as much style and pizazz that can be mustered.

You’ll know exactly what we’re on about if you see the first five seconds of this clip from RuPaul:

The Clique took this one step further, though, jumping into the air with a gravity-defying scissor kick before smacking straight down onto the stage, back first. Ouch.

We’re not sure whether the group were livid at being dropped or were just in pain but they definitely weren’t hanging around after the audition and didn’t want to exchange pleasantries with Dermot O’Leary. Oh dear.


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