Graham Norton thinks it will be “dangerous” doing live TV with Mel Giedroyc

The presenter is having a bit too much fun on new BBC1 show Let it Shine…


Graham Norton reckons that doing live TV with Mel Giedroyc is nothing short of “dangerous”.


“It’s possibly too much fun, and working with Mel is quite scary,” Norton told and other press at the launch for new BBC1 show Let it Shine.

“It’s too much fun and you forget you’re on telly. A lot of wedding dancing went on [during filming] and you thought ‘Oh, they are filming this.’”

After the pre-recorded shows of the new talent series air, there will be live episodes going out before the watershed on BBC1.

“I love the show, I can’t wait to go live,” said Norton, who added “there will be no eye contact” with “dangerous” Giedroyc during their live broadcasts.

The chat show host also praised the format of the show, which sees male soloists audition in front of Gary Barlow, Amber Riley, Dannii Minogue, Martin Kemp and a live studio audience in the first round of the competition.


“There is a positive vibe from the thing,” said Norton. “Even if [the judges] are saying a negative, it’s done in a constructive way. And what I think about things like this, normally if you’re auditioning for a show you don’t get any feedback at all. You just get told ‘no’. So however upset they are and however difficult it is, at least they’ve had some feedback.

“The funny thing about boys – they have less filter than girls at this age,” he added. “Because I think women at this age, they’re steeled for it. They’ve been to stage school, they’ve been doing Saturday morning drama classes and they’re tough. Whereas these boys – they fall apart if they get rejected.”


Let it Shine starts on Saturday January 7 at 7pm on BBC One.