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Britain's Got Talent star Audley Buckle's song Chicken and Chips is an instant classic

All I want is chicken and chips, chicken and chips, chicken and chips

Published: Saturday, 27th May 2017 at 7:00 pm

Sometimes you just want chicken and chips, and nothing else will do. Not Yorkshire pudding; not even fish and chips. It has to be chicken and chips.


That's the universal sentiment Audley Buckle has captured in his Britain's Got Talent performance of the Superfly song titled - you guessed it - Chicken and Chips.

Infuriatingly catchy, the song, written by Superfly band member Herbert Joseph Augustine, soon has all the judges on their feet dancing and singing along, while Ant and Dec grab their own boxes of chicken and chips and join Audley on stage for a dance. The singer even manages to win over Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden, both sworn vegetarians.


Who is Audley Buckle?

Audley is a 68-year-old entertainer from Huddersfield in Yorkshire, though he really doesn't look like he's anywhere near 68. Perhaps chicken and chips is the secret to his youthful looks?

A reggae veteran who was born in Jamaica, Audley is a father-of-three whose career has spanned many decades. Now he thinks it's his turn to take centre stage.

Back in the early 1970s he and his band The Groovers had a hit with the tune Bend Down Low. The song apparently met the approval of Bob Marley and went to number two in the UK reggae chart.

Initially founded as Soul Express, The Groovers consisted of Audley on vocals, his brother Bob playing guitar and brother-in-law Cherry on bass. Other members included Owen Grey and Winston Groovy. But the band split in 1978.

His profile on independent record producer FI Music Sales explains: "When live work began to decrease during the recession and the demands of wives & girlfriends to 'stay home', Audley continued solo on a part-time basis."

Audley later got back in the game by singing at hotels and working as a DJ.


Will Chicken and Chips be the song of the summer?


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