Britain’s Got Talent comedian Jonny Awsum teases “bigger” and “completely different” second performance

If you thought you’d seen everything that Jonny had to offer, think again


Getting Ant and Dec to star in their own mini-musical alongside a chorus line is a pretty big deal, but Britain’s Got Talent comedian Jonny Awsum says we can expect an even bigger and better performance involving one of the judges if he makes it through to the semi-finals.


“I’ve got something that I think is quite a lot bigger than the first one, believe it or not,” he told following his weekend’s performance. “I’ve got my eye on one of the judges and I would very much like to bring them up onto the stage and take part. Also my second thing is completely different to my first.

“It’s a totally different idea and I think it’d have that same element of surprise and penny-drop moment of, ‘Wow, OK, I see what’s happening’. So I wouldn’t be doing a musical featuring a judge, it’d be a completely different thing.”

Seasoned stand-up Jonny has racked up around 1,200 gigs across the country after five years of performing, and explains that he has about two hours’ worth of material up his sleeve and ready to go after performing two hour-long shows at the Edinburgh Festival over the years.

Although his audition on Saturday’s episode of BGT went down a storm, it could’ve easily gone the other way and Jonny agrees “100%” that it was a risky routine.

“I was absolutely terrified when I walked out,” he told us. “I probably do 4-6 shows a week doing comedy, but I was terrified. My biggest fear was to look round to the wings and Ant and Dec not be there – I was worried they might’ve gone for a wee or something and not have them to do it.”

Jonny, who says his hero is Freddie Mercury, loves to put on a big show and admits that his ultimate goal is to perform at the O2 – which is what his upcoming Edinburgh show, ‘Honey I Promised the Kid’, is all about.

“So basically the story there is, when I was really new to stand up people like Alan Carr and Russell Howard were starting to play at the O2. And I’d only done a bunch of gigs and I was really new but I was confident that I would essentially get there and I basically promised my baby daughter that I would play the O2 one day.

“I haven’t done it, but it’s on my list,” he continued. “Maybe a big comedian or a big act might see me and say, ‘Come down and do a couple of songs the night that we’re at the O2’. I’d like to try and make that dream come true and really just keep that promise because I want to be a good dad. I don’t want to break it!”

As well as playing at the O2, Jonny also says he would “love” to write a musical, and is a big fan of Tim Minchin and Matilda. “I write songs all the time,” he says. “I’m very musical as well as doing all my comedy so yeah, that would be a really fun thing to do.”


Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturday 29 April at 8pm on ITV