Britain’s Got Talent 2019 set to feature a VERY weird world record attempt

Contestant Jay Rawlings is going to try his luck in front of the ITV judges this Saturday 4th May – but will it be enough to see him through?

Britain's Got Talent judges (ITV/©Syco/Thames)

This Saturday’s edition of Britain’s Got Talent 2019 is set to feature one of the show’s strangest acts of the series – and that’s saying something.


Contestant Jay Rawlings is hoping to break the Guinness World Record for…balancing the largest number of chairs on his face.

Think it’s an obscure record to try and smash? Us too. But if you think the challenge is weird, just wait until you read about the last-minute change to the act.

While Rawlings had been practising placing six metal chairs on his face to beat the record of five, just days before his big audition an American managed to break the record with nine chairs on their face.

That meant Rawlings was forced to up his game – choosing to try and balance an astonishing 11 chairs on his face with very little preparation.


Speaking ahead of his attempt, Rawlings explained, “When I applied for this the current record was five chairs, so I trained really hard to be able to do six, then they told me that an American had broken the record, and the new record is nine chairs, so I have with me 11 chairs. And I’m going to try and bring it back to the UK!”

We’ll find out whether Rawlings was successful during Saturday night’s show – but will his spectacular feat be enough to send him through to the semi-finals?

Rawlings’ performance is the latest strange act to try their luck in front of Simon Cowell and co in the hope of winning a coveted spot at the Royal Variety.

Last week, viewers were treated to the most bizarre tribute to Disney’s Frozen, featuring a tap-dancing reindeer.

Dublin-born Ethan Higgins also surprised the judges with the nine-year-old’s dance routine branded by Cowell as “hugely unexpected.”


Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturdays at 8pm on ITV