Britain’s Got Talent 2018: Meet the acts in episode 4

From a singing AA recovery man to a knife-throwing magician and a comic or two - here are all the acts taking to the stage this Saturday

Britain's Got Talent Martin Cuthbertson

A 90-year-old singer, some quick-changing illusionists and one of the catchiest original songs we’ve heard for yonks. Yep, it’s another weird and wonderful mix of variety acts on Britain’s Got Talent this weekend.


And on top of all that, David Walliams thrusts in Simon Cowell’s face. What more could you want from an hour and a half of entertainment?

Here’s a sneak peek of all 11 acts that are auditioning in week four of BGT 2018:

Brian Howe

Britain's Got Talent Brian Howe
Britain’s Got Talent Brian Howe (ITV/Syco/Thames)

The 53-year-old security guard, from Irvine, Ayrshire, performs one of the most baffling renditions of My Boy Lollipop by Millie Small. Not to be missed!

Malcolm Cuthbertson

Britain's Got Talent Martin Cuthbertson
Britain’s Got Talent Martin Cuthbertson (ITV/Syco/Thames)

Dancing without music? It’s either inspired or utterly ridiculous – and we’ll find out when 61-year-old modern languages teacher Malcolm from Somerset performs a flamingo dance in silence this Saturday.

Ellie and Jeki

Britain's Got Talent Ellie and Jeki
Britain’s Got Talent Ellie and Jeki (ITV/Syco/Thames)

This married couple from South Korea perform a quick-change illusion act that’s themed around some of the biggest Hollywood films. You won’t believe your eyes.

Noel James

Britain's Got Talent Noel James
Britain’s Got Talent Noel James (ITV/Syco/Thames)

Noel, a 52-year-old exam invigilator and comedian from Wales, brings a guitar on stage – before promptly putting it down and performing without it. But will his stand-up leave the judges rolling in the aisles or just rolling their eyes?

Donchez Dacres

Britain's Got Talent Donchez
Britain’s Got Talent Donchez (ITV/Syco/Thames)

Wiggle Wine is a modern classic. Trust us, you won’t be able to stop singing it for hours after you see the 60-year-old AA man from Wolverhampton perform this hilariously original song.

Audrey Leybourne

Britain's Got Talent Audrey Leybourne
Britain’s Got Talent Audrey Leybourne (ITV/Syco/Thames)

Retired 90-year-old Audrey Leybourne is most thrilled to meet Ant and Dec. But once she gets out on the stage, she performs  I Want To Be Loved By You.

The D-Day Darlings

Britain's Got Talent The D-Day Darlings
Britain’s Got Talent The D-Day Darlings (ITV/Syco/Thames)

This wartime-themed choir performs We’ll Meet Again by Vera Lynn. Well realistically, what else were they going to sing?

Ben Pridmore

Britain's Got Talent Ben Pridmore
Britain’s Got Talent Ben Pridmore (ITV/Syco/Thames)

Have you ever seen a man memorise and then recite a whole pack of cards? No? Well enjoy watching 41-year-old accountant Ben Pridmore give it his best shot on Saturday.

Andrew Lee

Britain's Got Talent Andrew Lee
Britain’s Got Talent Andrew Lee (ITV/Syco/Thames)

Ant and Dec are roped onto the stage to assist the 31-year-old magician from Malaysia as he performs a death-defying card trick involving knives. Unsurprisingly, a ‘Do Not Try This at Home’ warning is flashed up on screen…

Ross McGrane

Britain's Got Talent Ross McGrane
Britain’s Got Talent Ross McGrane (ITV/Syco/Thames)

The 30-year-old is a stand-up comedian by night and a production manager at a glass manufacturer by day. But will the Southend-based funnyman be able to give up the day job?

Aleksandar Mileusnic

Britain's Got Talent Aleksandar Mileusnic
Britain’s Got Talent Aleksandar Mileusnic (ITV/Syco/Thames)

The 23-year-old council worker and singer from Stevenage sings a swing version of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. But will it be even better than the original?


Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturdays on ITV

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