Britain’s Got Talent 2018: All the acts auditioning in episode 2

From a rocking granny to a singing priest and an incredibly moving audition from a young dance group, here's what to expect in this week's BGT

Britain's Got Talent David and Javier

Another 12 performers take to the stage on Britain’s Got Talent this weekend, but what exactly is in store?


From the weird and wonderful to the hugely talented and incredibly moving, there’s a plethora of variety acts auditioning for Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams.

David and Javier

Britain's Got Talent David and Javier
Britain’s Got Talent David and Javier (Syco / Thames / ITV)

Dancing duo David and Javier perform a high energy salsa routine for the judges.

Andrew Lancaster

Britain's Got Talent Andrew Lancaster
Britain’s Got Talent Andrew Lancaster (Syco / Thames / ITV)

The 32-year-old Lancashire-based comedian performs impressions of Donald Trump, Brian Cox, Nigel Farage and Russell Brand.

Jenny Darren

Britain's Got Talent Jenny Darren
Britain’s Got Talent Jenny Darren (Syco / Thames / ITV)

Pensioner Jenny is a 68-year-old retiree who lives in the Cotswolds. Despite her dowdy attire, don’t be fooled. She launches into a performance of Highway to Hell by AC/DC.

Jim the Dancer

Britain's Got Talent Jim the Dancer
Britain’s Got Talent Jim the Dancer (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Jim is 59 years old, lives in London and performs as a dancing clock. What more do we need to say?

Kaptain Rock

Britain's Got Talent Kaptain Rock
Britain’s Got Talent Kaptain Rock (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Have you ever seen a man play a one string lightsaber guitar? No? This is your lucky day.

Radu Alexandru Patrunsu

Britain's Got Talent Radu
Britain’s Got Talent Radu (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Radu is a 32-year-old builder from Romania, living in London. Radu dances and spins on stage. And, well, that’s about it.

Father Ray Kelly

Britain's Got Talent Father Ray Kelly
Britain’s Got Talent Father Ray Kelly (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Irish priest Father Ray Kelly is a 64-year-old singing sensation. He performs Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

Cali Swing

Britain's Got Talent Cali Swing
Britain’s Got Talent Cali Swing (Syco/Thames/ITV)

Aged nine to 14 years old, young dance group Cali Swing live in London and deliver a top-notch synchronised routine.

Lost Voice Guy

Comedian Lee Ridley, who performs under the name Lost Voice Guy, has cerebral palsy which has left him unable to speak. With the use of an iPad, he delivers a zingy stand-up routine that has the judges in stitches.

Andras Lovas

Britain's Got Talent Andras
Britain’s Got Talent Andras (Syco/Thames/ITV)

The 46-year-old from Hungary performs an, uhhh, ‘unique’ style of improvised singing.

Giang Brothers

These two have to be seen to be believed. Quoc Co and Quoc Nghiep are brothers from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Their death-defying audition defies both gravity, sense – and health and safety.


This group of dancers are aged between 10 -24 years old. The group perform a dance with wheelchairs to help one of the members, Hollie Booth, get back into dancing following injuries she sustained during the Manchester terror attack in 2017.


Britain’s Got Talent continues Saturdays on ITV