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Who is Beetroot on The Masked Dancer?

Beetroot was unmasked on Monday night's episode. Here's everything you need to know.

The Masked Singer Beetroot
Published: Tuesday, 1st June 2021 at 4:13 pm

ITV's The Masked Dancer is in full swing and already we've seen some of The Masked Dancer contestants be unmasked.


The first episode saw the show's Viper unveiled as Diversity dancer Jordan Banjo. And on night two, Louise Redknapp was revealed to be behind the costume for Flamingo.

On Monday night's show, Beetroot became the third character to be unmasked, after The Masked Dancer judges struggled to work out which celeb was behind the seductive routine, with many suggesting Cheryl or Shania Twain.

Beetroot was eventually revealed to be American model and burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese (real name Heather Renée Sweet).

Talking about her decision to sign up for the show, she said: "I thought it would be fun to do something unexpected and out of character for me… I’ve never done anything like this, and I’m not a competitive person, but I knew it would be hilarious. I also knew people wouldn’t expect me to be under the mask."

Here's everything you need to know about Beetroot's performance, clues, guesses and who Dita Von Teese is.

Who is Dita Von Teese?

Who is Dita Von Teese?
Dita Von Teese was unmasked as the show's Beetroot ITV

Dita Von Teese is a an American vedette, burlesque dancer, model, businesswoman, and actress. She's known as the "Queen of Burlesque" for making this style of performance popular.

Teese chose her stage name by adopting the name Dita as a tribute to silent film actress Dita Parlo. For her breakthrough December 2002 Playboy cover, she was required to have a surname, so she chose Von Treese from the phonebook. Her surname was misspelled as Von Teese, and the dancer ran with it.

Who is Beetroot? Dances, songs, clues, guesses

Beetroot was revealed to be Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese.


Episode one - I Put a Spell On You by Annie Lennox

Episode two - Ex's & Oh's by Elle King


  • "Green day at my countryside estate"
  • She is from "way up north"
  • There was an American accent in the VT.
  • "Does impress me much" could well be a Shania Twain reference
  • "I'll let you know if that was all Hearsay or not" could be a pure and simple clue.

"Mind the Gaps" clue:

For The Masked Dancer, we have a 'Mind the Gaps' clue for each contestant where they give us a really helpful clue - only two of the keywords are missing from the sentence.

For Beetroot, the clue is:

"If her majesty knew I had _ _ at home she would make a salad of me"


  • Shania Twain
  • Cheryl
  • Zara Larsson
  • Lionel Blair

The Masked Dancer theories

Is Beetroot Shania Twain?

shania twain masked dancer
Is Beetroot Shania Twain?

There were a couple of clues that led to Shania Twain being under the Beetroot mask. Firstly, there is the American accent and secondly was the line "does impress me much" which is, of course, a spin on one of Shania's biggest hits.

Is Beetroot Cheryl?

Cheryl (Getty)
Is Beetroot Cheryl? Getty Images

Cheryl can certainly dance and she has been in the business for a long time after being part of the winning group, Girls Aloud, on Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002.

Is Beetroot Zara Larsson?

zara larsson masked dancer
Is Beetroot Zara Larsson?

Zara Larsson is a hugely successful young singer who helms from Sweden and we know that she can pull off some amazing dance moves too.

Is Beetroot Lionel Blair?

lionel blair masked dancer
Is Beetroot Lionel Blair?

Jonathan seemed to think that Lionel Blair was a strong candidate to be under this particular mask and the actor was certainly a different choice when compared with the other suspects. We would have loved it to be him, but honestly, who were we kidding?


The Masked Dancer is on ITV daily at 7pm or 7:30pm, except Wednesday, 2nd June. Episodes are also available to stream on the ITV Hub. For something else to watch, check out our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Entertainment hub.


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