Amanda Holden throws water over act as Britain’s Got Talent descends into anarchy

Simon and David were left covered in toilet roll, while Amanda and Alesha got soaked with water. So Amanda decided to take revenge...

Britain's Got Talent intro Thursday semi-final

The week of chaos continued on Britain’s Got Talent when Amanda Holden got on stage and threw water over act Marty Putz after he gave the judges a soaking himself.


The kooky comedy performer’s act had involved throwing water over the judges, before he enlisted Dec to help him cover both Simon Cowell and David Walliams in toilet paper.

However both Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon left their seats and went off-camera when their dresses got a drenching. But Amanda wasn’t going to let Marty get the upper hand.

When Simon Cowell began speaking, Amanda could be seen making her way back clutching a towel in hand. It looked like she was going to her seat, but Amanda walked straight up on stage and threw a glass of water – proper Sharon Osbourne style – all over Marty. And poor Dec even had to jump out of the way to avoid a drenching.

Britain's Got Talent intro Thursday semi-final
Britain’s Got Talent intro Thursday semi-final

All four judges had buzzed Marty’s act, and unsurprisingly their criticism wasn’t too favourable. David Walliams described it as “mayhem” and said he was a “brave man” to soak the judges.

“I’m going to send you the dry cleaning bill,” said Amanda. “Somewhere, somebody enjoyed that,” she added.

Standing up at the judges’ desk, Amanda also said: “I can’t sit down”, to which Alesha replied: “I know, it’s soaking.”

Oh dear.

It comes after BGT suffered a meltdown on Monday when bad weather forced the show off-air for an excruciating 10 minutes, a stage invader pounced on the judges during Tuesday’s show and a member of the stage crew inadvertently found himself as part of an act on Wednesday. Oh, and then he returned AGAIN on Thursday.

What the flip is going to happen in Sunday’s final?!


Britain’s Got Talent airs all week at 7.30pm on ITV