Alesha Dixon is aiming to prove that Britain really has got talent by breaking it in the US.


The singer and TV personality told that she has lined up a number of meetings with American TV producers over the coming year – and top of her list is to get her own chat show across the pond.

“I am having some productive meetings – most meetings in America are productive – and am looking to find the right idea to connect with,” she said.

“One day I would like to have my own chat show. Oprah is my idol because she uses her platform so responsibly.

“I have got a new voice agent and I am also looking at some acting. I would like to set myself some new challenges. I am constantly thinking of different ideas and formats for TV shows. I am in a place where anything is possible if you want to do it."

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She added that she has made a New Year resolution to be more “fearless” and “ballsy” and said that her newly-acquired blonde bob was part of that transformation.

"Most of us get a new lease of life when we get a new haircut," she laughed.

Dixon, a former Strictly Come Dancing judge who joined Britain’s Got Talent in 2012, will feature in the new BGT series later this spring.

Before that she can be heard in Disney Junior animation Doc McStuffins, the kids show which revolves around the eponymous Doc who fixes broken toys in her playhouse clinic with the help of her friends Hallie, Lambie, Chilly, and Stuffy.

Dixon voices Winnie, a toy tiger who visits the eponymous six-year-old medic to cure her struggle to blow up balloons.

The 37-year-old British star jumped at the chance to appear in the show because her two-year-old daughter is a “massive fan of the show,” she says. But she was also mindful of the importance of her character – who is black – as a role model.

“It’s rare to see a person of colour in a lead role. It does matter to a lot of people,” she said.

“It’s also really educational. It’s a fantastic way of teaching the younger generation about healthcare. We have it on in our house a lot and it was an honour to be in it. ”


Alesha Dixon’s episode of Doc McStuffins airs Monday 22nd February at 4.30pm on Disney Junior