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5 things we need to talk about after Sunday night's X Factor Semi-final

We've got to hand it to Simon Cowell - one of this year's innovations actually came off

Published: Sunday, 26th November 2017 at 10:03 pm

One of the X Factor 2017 innovations actually worked

Two of the three remaining contestants this year made it to the final by performing their own original hits. Considering the show's plummeting viewing figures and the criticism it has faced in recent years, this must be recognised as an improvement upon an increasingly stale format. There may be life in this old dog yet....


Though, not everyone seems to agree on the quality of the songs themselves...

The people loved Ed Sheeran's super casual appearance

You'd be forgiven for thinking the scruffy-haired popstar had long-since outgrown the X Factor. But when you're this talented, popping in for a solitary tune (new single Perfect) which will earn a big paycheque and a national TV audience of a few million is a no brainer.

Twitter was impressed by just how casual he appeared.

And his fans were overjoyed:

And he shouted out Kevin Davy White

Without officially putting his eggs in any baskets, Ed did give us an idea of who wants to see take home the X Factor crown next week, admitting to Dermot O'Leary that he was impressed by Davy White's Jimi Hendrix cover. He wasn't alone.

Kevin Davy White left the stage with a powerful message

Already a strong favourite for the final, Kevin may have secured his place with a touching comment after he had received widespread praise from the four judges.

As if wanting to assure Brexit Britain that he holds no ill will, he said: "the UK has shown me that no matter where you come from, love and music has no borders". Powerful stuff. We hope the European lawmakers see it that way come 2019.

Fans on Twitter were moved:

Lloyd's dad dancing will be missed next week

Departing Welsh singer Lloyd Macey exhibited some extremely entertaining dance moves as he watched Rak-Su perform their original song I'm Feeling You, but sadly it didn't endear him enough in the eyes of the public to earn a place in next week's final.


The X Factor 2017 final airs next Saturday at 7.05pm on ITV. 


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