Strictly Come Dancing viewers have expressed their frustration with judge Craig Revel Horwood after he gave both Layton Williams and Ellie Leach a nine each, leaving them both one point away from a perfect 40.


Both Ellie and Layton have been in the top two of the leaderboard each week, with neither of them receiving a 10 from Horwood.

During tonight's show Layton and Ellie performed a Couple's Choice to Ain't No Other Man by Christina Aguilera and Charleston to Love Machine by Girls Aloud, respectively, and they both received 39 points.

The other three judges didn't hesitate to get them each perfect scores, with Horwood being the sole 9 for both couples. "Maybe he's lost the paddle," presenter Claudia Winkleman deadpanned live on air.

Viewers have shared their annoyance on X (formerly Twitter) at Craig's scoring, with many of them believing the duos deserved a 40.

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One user wrote: "I normally agree with Craig with the other contestants but he should of given Layton 10 for that."

Also on X, another viewer said: "Beyond annoyed at Craig - what more can Layton do to get a 10!"

"At this point I'm starting to think that Craig will never get his 10 paddle out," yet another user penned.

Users have shared the same sentiment in regards to Ellie's score, with many saying she and Vito Coppola "deserved" a perfect score.

Following Ellie's performance, Craig noted that she was "slightly ahead of the beat" but praised her cross swivel, saying it was the best he had seen on the show. Despite this, he still gave her a nine.

After the score was given, one user wrote: "Craig robbing Layton and Ellie. Nah I'm tired."

While Craig is notorious for his criticisms when it comes to the performers on Strictly Come Dancing, no one seems best pleased with his advice to the celebrities this week.'s Trend Editor, Lewis Knight, might've said it best with the post below:

Only time will tell if Craig finds his 10 paddle, and feels moved to use it, next week...

Strictly Come Dancing continues tomorrow at 7:20pm on BBC One. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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