From the makers of Chef’s Table, Street Food is a new nine-part Netflix documentary series covering the stories of street food traders across Asia.


Want to know your baffle from your bánh mì? Read on for everything you need to know about Netflix’s latest food and travel documentary.

What is Street Food about?

Each of the nine episodes focusses on the flavours and faces of Asia’s vibrant cities, from Singapore to Seoul.

Meet 33 street food traders over the series, from 100-year-old Mbah Lindu who’s been cooking in Yogyakarta, Java, for more than 86 years, to Cho Yonsoon who started making Korean knife-cut noodles to help with her family’s debt.

Fish head stew seen in Street Food's Taiwan episode (Netflix)

What cities and locations does Street Food visit?

Each episode explores a different Asian city. Below is a list of all the locations featured in each episode:

  1. Bangkok, Thailand
  2. Osaka, Japan
  3. Delhi, India
  4. Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  5. Chiayi, Taiwan
  6. Seoul, South Korea
  7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  8. Singapore
  9. Cebu, Philippines

Is Street Food like Chef’s Table?

Yes, the format is very similar. Dramatic slow-motion shots of hot oil being poured into a pan, time-lapses of cooks moving through bustling crowds, close-ups of noodles being pulled and those final bird’s-eye flat lays are all there.

As with Chef’s Table, the individuals are interviewed in the places they eat, sleep and work, showing how food affects those who make it their living.

While Chef’s Table focusses on one chef each episode, Street Food will focus on one city and feature different vendors.

What food do they cook in Street Food? Are there any recipes I can try?

Street food classics specific to each city appear in each episode. Familiar dishes include Vietnamese pho soup and bánh mì sandwiches to the lesser-known tuslob-buwa, a gravy made with sautéed onions, garlic and pig brains in the Philippines, and douhua, a tofu pudding eaten in Taiwan.

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If you’re hungry for more, we’ve got lots of recipes for you to try at home. Click here to try dishes seen in the series: tom yum soup, okonomiyaki, chole bhatura, goat stew, bánh mì and pho soup.

Ốc Len Của Ba ('Dad’s Snails') – seen in Street Food's Vietnam episode (Netflix)

When is Street Food season one released on Netflix?

All nine episodes of Street Food arrived on Netflix on Friday 26th April, meaning the show is available to watch now.

What can I expect from the first episode?

Set in Bangkok, episode one looks at the city’s ever-evolving street food scene. Jay Fai – recognisable by the signature ski goggles she wears while cooking – runs a street-side restaurant (originally opened by her father) serving classic dishes such as tom yum soup and crab omelette, the quality of which have earned her a Michelin star.

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Jai Fai cooks at her street stall in Bangkok, Thailand in Street Food episode 1 (Netflix)

Next up, we meet Khun Suthep, whose hand-pulled BBQ pork noodles are in such demand that his customers won’t let him retire; while, in Chinatown, Jek Pui has been serving curries from the same sidewalk cart for more than 70 years.

Watch the trailer for Street Food season one