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Steven Moffat introduces the biggest monsters of Doctor Who series 10

The Doctor Who showrunner has opened up on what we can expect from the new series’ baddies

Published: Saturday, 15th April 2017 at 12:55 pm

Any new series of Doctor Who comes complete with a new rogue’s gallery of terrific and terrifying monsters, and according to series showrunner Steven Moffat this year will be no exception.


“By nature I’m just excited about all new monsters but we’ve got some wonderful stuff!” Moffat said of the new baddies facing the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Bill (Pearl Mackie) this year – and he had plenty of examples.

The "serpent" in the Thames

Believed to be turning up in Sarah Dollard’s episode three Thin Ice, one of the new monsters has a surprise crossover with one of the UK’s most beloved soaps...

“We’ve got a serpent that lives under the Thames in the shape of the Thames,” Moffat said, “which now that you realise it, the EastEnders title sequence has always clearly been about a giant snake.”

That revelation deserves a supremely sibilant synth drum…


As seen in several of the new trailers, these creepy new 'Emojibots' in Frank Cottrell-Boyce’s second episode Smile will leave viewers unsure whether to :D or :’(.

“We’ve got the emojibots which are small, cute and communicate by emojis and turn you into skeletons so that’s brilliant,” Moffat said.

Weird beetles

Rumoured to make spooky creaks as they move through the wooden floorboards, another of the new series’ monsters (which we believe to be the beetle in the picture above) from episode four is being kept under wraps according to Moffat.

“We’ve got the most shiver-making creatures in Mike Bartlett’s episode,” the writer said.

“[I’m] not going to tell you what they are because the show teases you a bit about what’s going on but I guarantee there are moments that will make you go ‘URGH!’ as I’ve been looking at some of the effects for episode four.

“You think ‘Oh my god are we putting that on television?!’ It’s really properly gross and magnificent."

"The Monks"

Moffat also kept his cards close to his chest when discussing enemies from episode six of the new series, though he did reveal that their name isn’t what many assumed.

“We’ve got a new enemy, which I won’t talk too much about but we call them “The Monks” – though that’s not really their name,” he said.

The "Scottish creature"

Thought Doctor Who monsters were largely nationless? Think again…

“We’ve got a fabulous Scottish creature care of Rona Munro in The Eater of Light,” Moffat said of episode 10’s mysterious monster, believed to be the quadripedal chap in the picture above.

Ice Warriors

“The Ice Warriors are back with a new wrinkle,” Moffat said of the returning classic foes, who are getting a bit of a rethink from frequent Who scribe Mark Gatiss in episode nine.

Based on what we’ve seen in the trailers (above), we reckon we might finally be meeting the women of the Ice Warrior society – and you know what they say about the female of the species…

Missy – and friends?

But among all the new weird and wonderful creations, it’s probably Michelle Gomez’ Missy who will have the biggest impact on fans – especially considering she’s got some back-up this time around…

“Of course Missy is there,” Moffat said. "[She’s] always with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor.

“He’s up against Missy, tested and teased and entranced by his oldest friend and wickedest enemy.”

Sounds like this whole series is going to be a magnificent monster mash well worth tuning in for.


Doctor Who returns to BBC1 on Saturday 15th April at 7.20pm


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