Simon Cowell juggles judging and daddy duties as toddler Eric has fun at X Factor Boot Camp

No sign of Mr Nasty as Eric pops by to watch the final day of Boot Camp auditions

Simon Cowell proved he’s a dab hand at multi-tasking yesterday as he juggled judging and daddy duties at X Factor Boot Camp.


For the first time this week, Cowell’s son Eric dropped by the mansion-based auditions to see what all the fuss was about and seemed to have quite the day bopping about.

On arrival, Cowell took him for a spin in a buggy. The 17-month-old was sporting a matching outfit to his dad, and seemed eager to get behind the wheel. Fellow judges Rita and Cheryl turned paparazzi, the latter sharing this picture of the father/son duo on her Instagram page, describing Eric as Cowell’s “mini me”.

Simon and his mini me ??-??

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Throughout the day, Eric certainly seemed to be enjoying the music, bouncing along and nodding his head to the tunes. Armed with a pack of Tic Tacs he proved to have pretty good rhythm, offering his own percussion from the sidelines.

Eric made a couple of bids for the judges’ desk, clearly wanting to get a peek at what his dad was up to. Mum Lauren Silverman and a producer were quick on their feet to swoop and and snatch him out of camera shot. Although no one would mind a guest appearance from the boss’s son, right? They’re always talking about a fifth judge…

In fact, the young tot did eventually get a chance to hang out at the judges’ desk, with Cowell reading to Eric in one of the brief breaks between the auditions. Mr Nasty? Pah.

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