Simon Cowell can barely keep a straight face in new X Factor TV ad

And yes, that is Louis Walsh cleaning the floor at the end

Simon Cowell’s Mr Nasty mask has slipped once again as he can barely keep a straight face in the brand new X Factor trailer. 


The TV ad pokes fun at the show’s format, suggesting the judges are all robots and that they manufacture pop stars in a secret lab. Nick Grimshaw is dishing out Louis Walsh’s famous catchphrases as he’s been given ‘last year’s chip’ and there’s a room of Cheryl robots – Chez-Bots if you will – ready to dish out the necessary emotional reaction: tears, empathy, mocking Simon…

But it’s Cowell’s inability to get through his lines that tells us the most about this year’s series: it’s going to be a whole lot of fun. And if we were in any doubt, look out for Mr Walsh returning to clean the floor at the end…

The advert will air for the first time on ITV tonight at 7:30pm. The X Factor returns this Autumn. 


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