Simon Cowell asks Twitter for X Factor ideas, gets some genuinely interesting suggestions

Plenty of fans want Louis Walsh back, some want format changes, and others are just focussed on Cowell's beard...

Simon Cowell has asked his Twitter followers what they would like to see on The X Factor, and received an very interesting mix of suggestions. 


While some are frankly not safe for work – or indeed safe for anything – among the bunch there were some pretty good ideas for how to keep the show fresh.

Cowell has already promised “surprises” are coming, as rumours continue to fly that Louis Walsh will return in some sort of ‘fifth judge’ role for at least some of the live shows. 

There were definitely some fans who would welcome Walsh back with open arms…

… But others were focussed on more pressing issues, such as Cowell’s beard

Plenty are keen to see more from young crooner Nathanael, who we got a peek of at Boot Camp

There’s some ‘mild’ interest in seeing former champs Little Mix return to perform…

And Nick Jonas…

And Fifth Harmony…

However, as well as suggestions for future guest acts, there were some genuinely useful tweets for Mr Cowell to think about.

Getting rid of the themes seems like an easy change and would enable singers to show off their own styles:

And why not bring Lou Lou back with his own wildcard category? Putting aside the fact that there’s probably simply not the time – this year’s live shows are only seven weeks long after all – there are plenty of singers that have been sent packing who’ve already gained fan backing online, so the support would be there.

We’d get Walsh’s catchphrases all over again. And imagine if he then turned out to be the winning judge? The smug face would be simply priceless.


The X Factor continues Sunday at 7:00pm on ITV