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X Factor 2015: Who are the 16 boys through to the Six Chair Challenge?

Nick Grimshaw has some tough decisions to make as sixteen must become six in this year's seat challenge

Caius X Factor (BBC)
Published: Sunday, 27th September 2015 at 8:00 pm

It's time for Nick Grimshaw to step out on his own and build his Boys category. Yes, it's the DJ's first experience of the Six Chair Challenge.


From watching in the arena, Grimshaw's category struggled at first, the judge making quite swift decisions to not give anyone a seat. But insiders tell me it got better as filming continued into the night. So it'll be interesting to see who steps up to the challenge.

In this round a chair equals a spot at Judges' Houses.

It's not that simple of course. Once on a chair they can be swapped out for another hopeful. Often they're later dramatically swapped back in. Basically, until everyone has performed, those seats are entirely up for grabs.

Here are the contenders...

Ben Clark

Away from the flirty banter with judge Rita Ora, Ben Clark proved he's got a voice worth remembering. Will it earn him a ticket to this year's Judges' Houses with Grimmers?

Brodie Kelly

Brodie has that Twilight heartthrob thing going on and a sultry voice to go with it. I can already imagine the fans queuing up for an autograph with this lad. But will his voice stand out at Six Chairs?

Ché Chesterman

He was nervous at Boot Camp, but Ché's voice speaks for itself. Now he's taking on the challenge of Six Chair Challenge, will that anxiety be kept at bay?

Danny Sharples

We got to see Danny during the Boot Camp team challenge, but the Liverpool lad has made his own version of his first audition as this wasn't show in an episode. Check it out:

Jamie Eldridge

Jamie's YouTube account is filled with examples of his vocals. Check out some here:

Jordan Luke Gage

Jordan caught the judges' eye after his first audition and now it's up to Grimshaw as to whether he makes it through to the next stage

Josh Daniel

Josh's emotionally-charged first audition has made him a stand-out name in the competition. Does a chair beckon?

Martin Harich

We've yet to see much of Martin, so here's hoping his Six Chair Challenge performance puts him on the map.

Mason Noise

My, my, my, rumour has it Mason's Six Chair Challenge is quite the event. There might be a bit of a diva strop on the way. Judging by his Boot Camp comments ahead of his performance - in which he was quite sure he's more than ready to win the top music awards - nothing would surprise.

Nathanael Landskroner

Nathanael (in the check shirt) impressed during this year's Boot Camp group challenge where he teamed up with Lauren Murray among others. Will Grimmers think he's ideal for his category?

Ollie Marland

Is Ollie destined for this year's Judges' Houses? There's a lot riding on this Six Chair Challenge performance


His wings are one thing, but his vocals are quite another. Cowell says he likes kooky acts, but will Grimshaw agree?

Seann Miley Moore

Aussie-born Seann Miley Moore has wowed since his very first audition, which saw judge Rita Ora in tears. He's got to be a sure thing for Six Chairs, right?

Simon Lynch

Simon has proved he can handle a Beyonce track, but can he handle Six Chairs? Time to find out...

Tom Bleasby

Tom has already found fame online thanks to a virtual viral cover of Jessie J's Spotlight. Now he's hoping to make a name for himself with his unique set of pipes.

Tom Davies

He's got an army of backing dancers and he's ready to put on a show, but will Grimshaw be impressed?


The X Factor Six Chair Challenge starts Sunday October 4th from 7pm on ITV


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