“Why have they changed Shipwrecked?” Viewers are not happy with E4’s series makeover

Viewers thought the new version had more in common with Love Island than the original show

Shipwrecked (C4)

After seven years marooned off TV, Shipwrecked has finally returned to our screens. But the E4 reality desert island show that first aired in 1999 isn’t quite the same as original fans remember it.


Although the old Battle of the Islands format – where two island tribes compete to entice newcomers for the chance to win £50,000 – is still in place, viewers have noticed the new islanders enjoying luxuries missing from past versions of the show.

Firstly, the beach huts. Although contestants had to build their own shelters in the past, the new islanders arrived at a ready-made camp, complete with electricity and tools.

And even though past versions of Shipwrecked were populated by some models and YouTubers, many viewers felt there was a lack of “normal” people on the show, pointing out how contestants constantly appeared in makeup.

It also made many of the show’s original viewers feel VERY old indeed…

Overall, the new Shipwrecked invited some unfavourable comparisons with Love Island.

So, will viewers change their mind about the new show after adjusting to a few new twists? We won’t have to wait long to find out: Shipwrecked is airing every night this week.


Shipwrecked is on 9pm Weekdays, E4

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