Scott Mills doesn’t think Nick Grimshaw is joining The X Factor

Grimmy may be top of the rumour mill, but his fellow Radio 1 DJ reckons he'd have spilled the beans by now...

Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw has been top of the X Factor rumour list this week as we wait to find out exactly who will be on this year’s judging panel. But fellow DJ Scott Mills reckons the R1 Breakfast Show host won’t be sat alongside Cowell & co come autumn.


“I saw Grimmy for quite a lot of time this week because we were together in Norwich for the Radio 1 Academy and he didn’t mention it,” he revealed to

“We did have a couple of drinks in the hotel bar and I’m quite good at getting stuff out of people,” Mills added, suggesting that if there was a secret to be told, it would have been. “Maybe he’s just keeping it close to his chest.”

While Grimshaw has said the rumours are “nothing but speculation” he has shown interest in the talent show, with insiders telling us his name has been discussed.

“I would like to do it. I love the show,” he told the Mirror, before adding, “but loads of people I’ve read will be really good. Robbie would be great, and Simon and Cheryl if they are back.”

Another person you’d imagine would be good for an X Factor secret or two is one of the show’s new hosts, Caroline Flack, but Mills told us he genuinely doesn’t think she knows who the judges are yet.

“I had Caroline on my show last week – and she does usually tell me stuff – but she said ‘I honestly don’t know’ and I do believe her. I do not think she knows.”

Like us, Mills, who was once a guest judge on Serbian X Factor – “I was basically Sinitta of Serbia” – is eager to find out exactly who is joining the new line-up. “Surely we’ve got to find out soon?” Yes, come on X Factor. Spill…


Scott Mills and Mel Giedroyc are hosting this year’s live Eurovision Song Contest 2015: semi-final coverage, which starts Tuesday at 8:00pm on BBC3