Richard Osman brings Big Break and other classic gameshows back to BBC iPlayer

Bob's Full House, Call My Bluff, The Weakest Link and many more are now available to watch online as part of the Pointless co-host's Classic Game Show collection for BBC Four

If you’re as big a fan of classic game shows as Pointless and Two Tribes host Richard Osman then you’d best head to the BBC iPlayer pronto because you’re in for a real treat.


Self-confessed fanatic Osman has curated a new collection for BBC iPlayer, documenting his “love affair with the game show” in an accompanying blog post.

There are nine shows on offer on the iPlayer, including retro offerings such as Quiz Ball and the curiously titled Animal, Vegetable, Mineral? Old favourites like Call My Bluff and What’s My Line? also feature alongside Bob Monkhouse’s Full House, Ask The Family and Big Break.

Osman has also selected some more recent offerings to add to the line-up, with episodes of The Weakest Link and Friends Like These (hosted by Ant and Dec back in 2000) also making an appearance.

“I love quiz shows, I’ve been making them for many years, and now I have accidentally stumbled into hosting them too” Osman writes in his introduction to the collection. “They rarely win Baftas, they never get reviewed in the posh papers, but the enduring ones capture a place in the hearts of the nation in a way that very few shows do.”

“It’s impossible to not play along with an episode of Quiz Ball from the 60s, What’s My Line from the 70s or Ask The Family from the 80s”, he adds.

Watch the collection on BBC iPlayer and decide for yourself whether or not that’s true.


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