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"Sorry it's a bit pumpkin-like" – Richard Madeley addresses his tan on Good Morning Britain

The presenter says he achieved his new hue on holiday in the south of France

Published: Wednesday, 10th April 2019 at 11:34 am

Good Morning Britain stand-in presenter Richard Madeley has responded well to being compared to an Oompah Loompah, Ross from Friends (after a particularly bad spray tan job) and Donald Trump.


The presenter's tan became a major topic of discussion on Twitter during Wednesday morning's show.

After Made in Chelsea star Mark-Francis Vandelli raised Madeley's hue live on air, the presenter was quick to explain the look.

"I was in the south of France for two weeks, came back a few days ago," he said, when Mark-Francis asked whether or not he had "been to Barbados or something".

"But I agree with you, it's looking a bit orange. No, it can only be make-up I think – but no there is a tan underneath it. Sorry everybody, it's a bit pumpkin-like. Take it down, wash it off."

Check out the exchange below.

Fans had suggested that his tan had not occurred by natural means.

"I turn on the TV this morning to be greeted by Richard Madeley doing his best 'Ross from Friends with a bad spray tan' impression," Richard Poore wrote.

Others compared him to current US President Donald Trump and, of course, Alan Partridge.

At least he's a good sport...


GMB is on 6am weekdays, ITV


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