Relive the moment Mo Farah beat The Cube

The Cube: Celebrity Special is back but can anyone match the Olympian's efforts on this nerve-shredding game show?

It’s the celebrities’ turn to test their nerves tonight, with Rob Beckett and Rufus Hound trying their luck on ITV’s fiendish The Cube. But will either match the triumphant efforts of Mo Farah? In 2012 the Olympian became the first person ever to beat the UK’s version, a game show that makes even the simplest tasks seem unachievable. 


From throwing a ball into a container to counting to ten, this is the game show that seems simple but reduce even the toughest-looking contestants to a quivering wreck. 

But Farah did it in style. As a flabbergasted host Phillip Schofield watched on, the sportsman zipped his way through the early games, losing just two lives on his way to the final challenge.

With seven lives to play around with, Farah decided he was more than up to the task. And indeed he was. He lost just one more life taking on the final game, which required him to step over three barriers of varying heights with a blindfold on. Farah won the jackpot of £250,000, which went to his charity The Mo Farah Foundation. 

Upon winning, the cube itself flashed gold as a nod to his Olympic triumphs. Relive the victory here:


The Cube: Celebrity Special from 8:00pm on ITV